Monday, July 28, 2008

My Healer

He went on turning away, in the way of his heart. I have seen his ways, but I will heal him. Isaiah 57:17,18 (New American Standard Bible)

So often we read the word “heal” in the Bible and we instantly think of physical healing. Throughout the Old and New Testaments there are certainly many references to that. While we may not see such extensive and abundant amounts of healing today, God is still healing people. While I have never experienced a physical healing from a disease, illness, or deformity, I have had the privilege and experience of the kind of healing today’s verse is referring to. A healing of my heart and spiritual sickness.

Isaiah 6:10 speaks of an insensitive heart, dull ears, dim eyes, and a heart that lacks understanding. Jeremiah 3:22 speaks of God healing unfaithfulness. These are conditions of the heart. I remember decade long times in my Christian life when I could not hear God’s voice, could not see His heart in Scripture, was not sensitive to His leading in my life, and was not faithful to daily come to Him in prayer. I was in desperate need of His healing touch but did not know how to go about receiving it.

I did not realize this kind of healing automatically happens as I seek an intimate, personal relationship with Him. He is aware of my need and my propensity to stray from Him. He has had His eye on me from the moment of my conception and has longed to reveal Himself to me as my Healer.

My personal healing took place the day I embraced the truth that God’s love is not dependent on what I do. That was the catalyst for what has now been an incredible four and a half year journey. It has completely changed my approach to prayer and Scripture. I never knew prayer was meant to be a two way conversation, whereby I do some of the talking and God does some of the talking. His whispers at times move me to tears.

I never knew reading the Bible could be so alive either. Every morning before I open my Bible I ask the Holy Spirit to speak to me. I ask Him to cause one verse to really stand out to me. The journal thoughts have been the fruit of those prayers. There are days I cannot write fast enough as He brings the thoughts to mind. And all of this started the day I said, “Father, show me Your heart in Scripture.” He is moved by such requests.

Father, You are so loving, gracious, and generous. Continue to show me where I need Your healing touch. Amen.

A Heart Like Yours by Cece Winans

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